Youth Group

Creating a safe environment for kids and teens effected by brain tumors to learn, share, build relationships, cope, develop, and have FUN!

The Fox Valley Brain Tumor Youth Support Group was established to give kids and teens a safe place to interact with peers and group leaders, share experiences, express feelings, and learn about the facts of brain tumors.

Through activities the Fox Valley Brain Tumor Coalition encourages youth to have fun, enjoy life, and develop relationships with others facing similar challenges.  Together, we strive to overcome challenges, and improve the physiological issues they may be experiencing as a result of the affects of brain tumors.

Any youth between the age of 5 and 18 years old who has a brain tumor themselves or has been affected by a brain tumor through a family members diagnosis whether living or deceased are welcome to join.

For more information Contact Amy

2014 FVTBC Youth Support Group Events

This year we have four fun activities planned for FVBTC’s youth.  We are also recommending several WI camps for children and teenagers affected by cancer through a family member or who experienced a recent loss of a close family member.

Parents are welcome to join. We can always use an extra hand.
Please contact Amy Baeten, Phone/Text #920-562-8781, if you are planning to attend any of the FVBTC Youth events.